T-1 day and counting – I’m back (nearly)

After 4 months away from work, tomorrow I set out boldly from the Yorkshire Moors to Durham to find a desk at my new company, Waterstons – who I am really chuffed to be joining.

“Normal” service will be returning to this blog in due course…

Hope you all have had a wonderful 2013 so far. For me it has been excellent – the four months have flown by with the time filled with setting up a new home in Yorkshire, family, holidays and diy. But I am excited (super excited – MS joke :)) to be heading back to work, especially in a development centric role.

So long, and thanks for all the fish

After 16 great years with Microsoft, Friday 21st is my last working day. I am spending it in our new home in the chilly North York Moors with the company of sheep, rabbits, grouse and a rather fine bottle of Yamazaki Whisky bought by my friends in Microsoft DPE.  The Whisky apparently has the subtle taste of peach, cookie and vanilla – which should be easy to identify when I consume it as a chaser to the cider with a sherry top also bought for me :-)

A massive thank you to everyone who made those 16 years so much fun. I will miss so many of you. The good news is I will be keeping this blog going … hence I won’t really have gone far :)

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fun 2013

…which is certainly my plan.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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1996 to 2012 – still no evidence… I give up!

In 1996 I was happily working on large Unix applications when I was approached by Microsoft to join a brand new European arm of the (then famous – apparently) Microsoft US Developer Relations Group as something called a “Technical Evangelist” (Which incidentally caused all sorts of problems when I put that down on a mortgage application form the same year!)

My plan was simple.

  • Join for two years.
  • Use those two years to “understand the enemy”
  • Get insider confirmation of just how sucky Windows really was and how arrogant all those Microsoft folks were.
  • Once this was done I could then get back to my beloved Unix for development and Apple Macintosh for design and fun.

Well, after nearly 16 years I have given up looking.

The people are lovely – smart and caring. The technology is competent and some of it is fantastic. Yes I did find some sucky technology and even had to evangelise the merits of some (but even Entity Framework 1.0 blossomed in time)  – but overall Microsoft makes great stuff.

I therefore give up :-) Mission aborted.

I have decided it is time to leave Microsoft and spend the beginning of 2013 with family before working out what to do next. I’m sure whatever I do it will be fun – and definitely different to the last 16 years :) Oh – and it will be “up north” as I’ve moved from sunny Bath to chilly North Yorkshire. We had snow today!

An enormous thank you to everybody I ever met, presented to, advised, sort advice from, drank with, ate with, slept with (Mike T knows what I mean there).  I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with and met so many smart people. I could list them… but I have my tea waiting downstairs…

Take care all

P.S. I’m still working for Microsoft through December…

It is that time of year… change of blog theme

Each January I try to revisit tools and processes … and as part of that I tend to tinker with my blog in some way.

Just switched over from this rather formal theme (coraline):


To something a little more relaxed (Boldlife) – which is line with my mood as we enter 2012. I also liked the date and comments getting a raised profile and the menu heading to the top of the page:


Could also do with another mugshot – as I’m over 6 stones lighter these days Smile

Hello! Welcome to ericnelson.wordpress.com, the new home of IUpdateable from Eric Nelson

You quite likely just arrived here because I today (August 26th 2011) updated my feedburner feed to point to this new blog. Apologies  for any “problems” this might have caused you in your favoured RSS reader. All should now settle down nicely.

But just in case … please make sure you are subscribing to http://feeds.feedburner.com/iupdateable OR (if you dislike feedburner) then direct to http://ericnelson.wordpress.com/feed/ 

As background:

I have moved here after a superb 30 months on http://geekswithblogs.net . GeeksWithBlogs is great but it doesn’t quite match what I am after in a blogging platform right now where as wordpress.com broadly does.

This will be my second change of platform in 7 years – it was back in July 2004 I created my first technology blog over on http://blogs.msdn.com/ericnel (which still acts as a mirror if you need to dig out any of my old posts). At the time I was an Application Architect inside Microsoft UK, I was very focused on early adoption work with SQL Server 2005 and I was looking for a broader way to help developers in the UK. A blog seemed to be a great way of doing this and I used it to share my learnings, thoughts, advice, best finds etc. throughout the beta of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. By 2009 I was following some great bloggers on http://geekswithblogs.net who spoke highly of it and I decided to request a blog on the site to tie up with a job change inside Microsoft UK. IUpdateable was born. 

Over the next few days I will bring across the best of my posts from the last year or so (Hence expect a lot of posts!) and then once that is done, I will mothball IUpdateable.

Thanks for reading.