Results of Cloud Computing Survey – Part 1: Is Cloud relevant?

Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson.


On January 7th 2010 I kicked off a survey on Cloud Computing and the Windows Azure Platform (Now closed). A big thanks to the 100 folks who completed the survey. I have been through the results and removed a few where folks clearly dropped out after page 1 (which is fine – but I felt it wasn’t helping the results).

I promised to share the results which I will do over four posts. This is the first of those four.

  • Part 1: Is Cloud relevant?
  • Part 2: How well do you know the technologies of Microsoft, Amazon, Google and SalesForce?
  • Part 3: What Plans around the Windows Azure Platform?
  • Part 4: My analysis

Some observations:

  • I am a .NET developer (well, I try to be), therefore my expectation is that most folks replying would in the main be .NET developers. This will obviously means the results will end up favouring MS technologies.
  • I am UK based, hence most of the respondents are from the UK.
  • At the time of creating the survey I had only just switched to Azure. Hence I think my “readership” at that point were not “Azure fans” or “Cloud fans” – instead they were likely a cross section of the development landscape. Which I think makes the answer to question 2 very interesting.

Do you develop in the UK?


What is your view of the relevance of Cloud Computing to the applications you build?


What type of applications would you expect to deploy? (Multiple choice)


NB: 6 people skipped the above, presumably folks who had rules it out.

Which technologies do you currently use for building web applications and services? (Multiple choice)