MSDN Flash Podcast 019 – Paul Foster discusses Windows Mobile Widgets

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An interview with colleague Paul Foster recorded end of December. In the first 5 minutes we talk about lego, snow, cider and robots. We do then eventually get onto the topic of Windows Mobile Widget development. Sounds fun and straight forward.

Paul wrote the article for the December 16th 2009 UK MSDN Flash newsletter:

“A key new feature of Windows Mobile 6.5 (WM 6.5) is the Widget runtime. The runtime provides a Microsoft implementation of W3C Widget support to Windows Mobile for the first time. Our implementation is coupled with the launch of our very own mobile application Marketplace – allowing Widgets and native code applications (<10mb in size) to be sold directly to Windows Mobile 6 devices and above.
Widgets enable developers to build mobile applications using web development skills – HTML, Script and AJAX. Widgets are installed on the device and look like a native application with just enough device integration to use soft keys and interrogate device state…”

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Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Launch Date is Monday 12th April

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Which is fantastic news. I’m really looking forward to it especially as the UK team are planning to put on a great week for UK developers with the help of the fantastic UK community. More details to follow (just keep an eye out for #uktechdays on twitter!)

Check out the UK Visual Studio 2010 page.

P.S. That is a launch date not an RTM date.