MSDN Flash Podcast 020 – David Gristwood and AWS talk Azure

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On January 1st I switched focus to 100% Azure. My friend and colleague David Gristwood has been firmly focused on Azure through 2009 working with early adopters. We decided to record a podcast talking about what we are up to and how Microsoft UK has been helping early adopters using deep dive labs, workshops and training. We also have a stab at describing the Windows Azure Platform in 1 minute (I hopelessly overrun by 100%) and we finish with an interview between David and Active Web Solutions (AWS). AWS are an early adopter of Azure and give a great insight into the benefits they have seen.

Split roughly as:

  • 15 minutes David and I “having a chat” 🙂
  • 15 minutes on the AWS interview.

We suspect this will be the start of a regular series of Azure focused podcasts. Hey, maybe even a spin off podcast. Time will tell 🙂

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