Recent resources on Entity Framework 4

Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson.


I just posted on the bits you need to install to explore all the features of Entity Framework 4 with the Visual Studio 2010 RC. I’ve also had a quick look (March 12th 2010) to see what new resources are out there on EF4. They appear a little thin on the ground – but there are some gems.

The following all caught my attention:

And the biggy. You no longer have to depend on SQL Profiler to keep an eye on the generated SQL. There is now a commercial profiler for Entity Framework.  I am yet to try it – but I listened to a .NET rocks podcast which made it sound great. It is “hidden” in a session on DSLs in Boo –> Oren Eini on creating DSLs in Boo. This is a much richer experience than you would get from SQL Profiler – matching the SQL to the .NET code.


And finally a momentous #fail to … drum roll… the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit Feb release. This just contains one ppt on EF4 – and it is not even a good one. Real shame.

P.S. I will update the 101 EF4 Resources with the above … but post devweek in case I find some more goodies.

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