Poll on Entity Framework 4 – one year on

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12 months back (today is March 15th 2010) on the 16th of  March 2009 I created a poll on Entity Framework v1 – the marmite of ORMs? A quick poll….

Entity Framework v1 was getting a mixed reception at the time – I met developers who genuinely hated it and I met developers who were loving the productivity improvements they were seeing. There were definitely issues with v1, too many IMHO. Which is why the product team placed a huge effort on listening to the community to drive the feature set for v2 (which ultimately was named Entity Framework 4 as it ships with .NET 4).

I think overall the team have done a great job. It isn’t perfect in .NET 4 (which is why the team are busy on post .NET 4 improvements) but I would happily use it and recommend it for a wide variety of projects – much wider than I would have with v1.

I am speaking on EF 4 at www.devweek.com this Wednesday and I thought it would be fun to put a new version of the poll out and see how v4 is being received. Obviously the big difference is we have not yet shipped EF4 vs when I did the original poll on EF1.

March 2010 poll – please vote

Summary of March 2009 poll – it was a tie between positive and negative

Total votes 150

Positive about EF v1 42 (15 + 19 + 8)

Negative about EF v1  43 (34 + 9)