New London based .NET User Group – first meeting June 2nd on MEF

Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson.


A new .NET User Group is starting up in Canary Wharf – CWDNUG. It plans to focus on technology for financial services such as:

  • WPF & Silverlight.
  • F# & other alternative languages.
  • High volume systems & complex event processing.
  • Agile tools, methodologies and experiences.
  • Open source systems that you can use (or that need your help!).
  • Upcoming releases from Microsoft (WP7, VS2010, TPL).
  • The first meeting is on June 2nd and Marlon (WPF MVP) will be speaking about MEF. Register today as there are only 15 spots left 🙂 (as of Thursday 20th May)