Windows Azure BidNow Sample – definitely worth a look

[Quicklink: download new Windows Azure sample from]

On Mondays (17th May) in the  6 Weeks of Windows Azure training (Now full) Live Meeting call, Adrian showed BidNow as a sample application built for Windows Azure.

I was aware of BidNow but had not found the time to take a look at it nor seems it running before. Adrian convinced me it was worth some a further look.


In brief

  • I like it 🙂
  • It is more than Hello World, but still easy enough to follow.
  • Bid Now is an online auction site designed to demonstrate how you can build highly scalable consumer applications using Windows Azure.
  • It is built using Visual Studio 2008, Windows Azure and uses Windows Azure Storage.
  • Auctions are processed using Windows Azure Queues and Worker Roles. Authentication is provided via Live Id.
  • Bid Now works with the Express versions of Visual Studio and above.
  • There are extensive setup instructions for local and cloud deployment

You can download from ( and also check out David original blog post.

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