Just testing out cross posting from wordpress to blogs.msdn.com via Live Writer

Using http://clarius.codeplex.com/releases/view/6626 

Which then needs some text:

“The options deserve some more explanation besides being quite obvious:

  • Target blog: this is a dropdown that shows all the blog accounts you have currently registered in WLW. The “source” blog will always be the one you’re editing and publishing the current blog entry to.
  • Post summary: if checked, the cross-post will only contain the first 500 (200 is the default) characters of your current entry.
  • Preview post: this option (true by default) allows you to see in WLW the generated summary or full entry with back-link, and it will show up with the target blog selected in WLW, as well as a new Draft that you can save, publish, delete, etc. Once you get more confident with how the plugin works, you’ll typically want to unckeck this option, as it’s pretty annoying to end up with duplicate titles in your “Recently Posted” sidebar for every entry.

My plugin is leveraging all of WLW features for posting, so if you can post to a blog from WLW, you can cross-post to it with my plugin too. “

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