Silverlight 5 RC with a touch of Mike Taulty

The release candidate for Silverlight 5 is now available for download over on the Silverlight.NET site.  Check out the new features and then head over to where you will find:

And thanks to my old bud Mike Taulty we now have some more details on the back of his busy weekend of blogging!

  • Silverlight 5 RC–Low Latency Sound Effects

    Back on the Silverlight 5 beta, I ported an old Expression Blend sample to use the new XNA low latency sound effect classes in SL5 ( post is here ). I thought I’d take a look at it under the Silverlight 5 RC – the only changed that I had to make was (it seems…

  • Silverlight 5 RC–TrickPlay and Media Remote Controls

    At the time of the Silverlight 5 beta, I’d put together a simple demo around some of the new media capabilities (not all of them as I’ve never been too hot on the DRM stuff) in Silverlight 5. This demo involved playing the trailer from the then new X-Men movie…

  • Silverlight 5 RC–MarkupExtensions and DataContextChanged

    When the Silverlight 5 beta shipped, one of the things that I wrote about was trying to use a markup extension in order to link between something like a Click event on a Button and a method to be invoked on the ViewModel rather than on the view. And so if I…

  • Silverlight 5 RC–Platform Invocation

    One of the big features of Silverlight 5 for me is platform invocation. If you’ve been around .NET for a while then you’ll know that this has (since day 1) represented the “get out of jail free card” because it allows .NET code to call into pretty much any…

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