Windows Azure Tools from Quest including graphical monitoring with Spotlight on Azure

I haven’t had a chance to play with them yet (downloading now) – but these three tools from Quest look very interesting and worth sharing “un-tried” Smile. Also (IMHO) it looks to me like the discussion forums could do with more folks to help shape the evolution of these products.

  • Spotlight on Azure– provides in-depth monitoring and performance diagnostics of Azure environments from the individual resources level up to the application level.
  • Quest Cloud Storage Manager for Azure – provides file and storage management that enables users to easily access multiple storage accounts in Azure using a simple GUI interface.
  • Quest Cloud Subscription Manager for Azure – drills into Azure subscription data, providing a detailed view of resource utilization with customized reporting and project mapping.

There are lots of storage managers out there, hence what stuck out for me is Subscription Manager and Spotlight.

They have just blogged on Subscription Manager and created a very promising video on Spotlight on Azure – which has some very appealing graphics Smile It deserves a lot more views than the current 204! Get viewing now …

Monitoring of Windows Azure

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