Working with Windows Azure on the Windows Developer Preview of Windows 8

There is a new Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8. Which is cool. The kit includes templates and samples to start using some of the new features of Windows 8 in your Windows Azure applications – and from a Windows Metro Style App. And there are several blog posts showing you how to use the kit:

So far so good.

But read on before you try any of the above…

You may run into a few issues getting an Azure development up and running on the Developer Preview. Which is where Wade Wegner can help with his post on running Azure tools and the SDK on the Windows Developer Preview. The three issues he addresses are:

  1. The current Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio do not yet support Dev11
  2. There are a few quirks getting dependencies for IIS installed on Windows 8 using the Web Platform Installer.
  3. After Visual Studio 2010 and the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio are installed on a machine with Dev11, the Windows Azure tools will grab an environmental path variable that points to 11.0 instead of 10.0

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