Announcing Six Weeks of Windows Azure – FREE help from Microsoft UK #6weeksazure #azure

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Quick Link: Sign up for FREE help in the UK on exploring and adopting Windows Azure

SaaS? Cloud? PaaS? Azure? Help!

Do you build applications? Are you thinking about Cloud? Are you wondering about how to move to SaaS? Are you considering the Windows Azure Platform?

Imagine that you could get:

  • A clear understanding of why cloud may be relevant to your applications
  • What options you have to adopt it
  • Advice on how to start and how to be successful – both in terms of business transformation and technology choices
  • Plus regular help to actually get the application designed, built, tested and deployed
  • Plus optional advice on marketing and selling

And… you could get all that for FREE from experts in helping companies get competitive advantage from adopting the Windows Azure Platform.

Well… now you can with Six Weeks of Windows Azure brought to you by Microsoft UK.

Six Weeks of Windows Azure

Starting in January 2012 we will be delivering 6 weeks of FREE assistance to UK based companies who want to build or extend applications with the Windows Azure Platform covering the commercial and technical aspects of adopting Windows Azure.

And the best bit is … you won’t need to leave the comfort of your office to take part.

Curious? Then head over to where you will find a detailed overview, a companion FAQ and details of how to signup (It is painless!).


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