Update on Six Weeks of Windows Azure #6weeksazure

I just wanted to give a brief update on www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk which starts January 23rd.

Preparations to make this into a great six weeks for UK companies are now well progressed and we are nicely on track to have a superb first week in January. We have some excellent partners helping us (check out the summaries of each as they appear over on the site) and some great Microsoft speakers helping us deliver the webinars and support the online surgeries – including Rob Fraser the new CTO of Cloud Service in Microsoft UK who will be helping ensure the commercial stream of webinars are top notch.

I am delighted to say we have around 200 UK companies signed up to take part which is fantastic news and has exceeded our expectations – we now just need to scale a few things our end to hit the quality bar we are after. Which is… a nice problem to have.

There is plenty more to do our side between now and the 23rd, the most pressing being to finalise the agenda as we juggle speaker commitments and incorporate feedback (This is the draft agenda which will change). You can expect an updated agenda by Monday 9th.

We will be posting out information regularly on the www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk site on the lead up to the 23rd and we will also be tweeting updates under the hashtag #6weeksazure.

Two such posts I would recommend you read are:

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