Couldn’t resist – just ordered a “spare” gaming mouse for £10

My main gaming mouse is a very nice Mionix Naos 3200 which has served me very well in 2011.


However I needed something for my travels around the UK but didn’t want to spend too much just for it to get bashed around in my bag. I think I have found the perfect solution …. a switchable 800/1600  dpi Gigabyte M6800 for £10. Whilst my Naos has three dpi settings to 3200, I only use 1600 and 800 (for a spot of sniping). My only concern is the size … my hands are smallish which is why I can’t get on with the Microsoft SideWinder mouse (which is otherwise excellent).


What I keep putting off is getting one of these – the awesome (albeit with mixed reviews) Cyborg Rat 7.


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One thought on “Couldn’t resist – just ordered a “spare” gaming mouse for £10

  1. Arrived and… its not a bad gaming mouse at all.

    Slightly higher arch than the Naos
    Much thinner that the sidewinder

    So overall fits my hands just fine.

    – Its a 5 button switchable dpi gaming mouse for £10

    – Very light
    – the sw download wouldnt install on my Win7 box (admin needed popup)
    – One of the thumb buttons doesnt register a click along it full length.

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