Windows Store is coming in February – will your company have an application in it?

I posted on App Stores and marketplaces in November to raise awareness amongst UK ISVs of what I think will be a game changer in how consumers and businesses purchase applications for Windows in the future.

Since then the Windows 8 team has been busy explaining how the Windows 8 App Store will work and have created a new blog – Windows Store for developers. The Windows 8 App Store will be available when the Windows 8 Beta is released in February, which means now is a great time to start exploring the opportunity.

In brief:

  • Global
    • Available in more than 200 markets worldwide
    • Available in 100 different languages
    • Local pricing in over 70 markets
  • Purchaser friendly
    • Provide trial versions of applications with support for in-place trial upgrade
    • Will include free apps
    • Designed for discovery (minimal chrome, search, categories, ranking, curation)
  • Seller friendly
    • Apps will be automatically registered in Search Engines with direct linking to app pages
    • 70% revenue rising to 80% after an app has sold > $25,000
    • Simple markup addition to site to promote the app (details
    • Allows third-party transactions (See supporting in-app purchases)
    • Allows third-party ads
    • App submission from 41 markets
  • Enterprise friendly
    • Execute a local store where selective apps would be able for the whole network
    • Restrict access to store to certain users
    • Deploy Metro style apps without going via the store

This is an exciting time to be a company that creates software products. Gartner estimate 400 million x86 machines will ship inthe  next 12 months which represents a lot of eye balls looking at the Windows Store! February just can not come quick enough!


Chrome free store:


Global and tailored reach:


ESRI Line of Business App for Insurance companies:


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2 thoughts on “Windows Store is coming in February – will your company have an application in it?

  1. The UI looks really nice, and I like that trial versions are available for purchasers (wish App Store offered the same). However, I’m surprised that MSFT is taking the same 30% of profits for sales under 25k as Apple does–would have figured they’d want to differentiate themselves a bit on that.

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