Industry news…OnLive is expanding to business users… hmmm

The one things that never changes when it comes to “the wonderful world of cloud computing” is… that everything keeps changing.

I have previously posted about my negative first experience with the OnLive service for delivering Windows based games (Cloud Computing is full). Ultimately I never did get on with OnLive – but to be fair to OnLive, the only Windows games I play are first person shooters where the difference between 50ms and 200ms of lag and 30 frames per second and 60 is the difference between winning and losing. However I was incredibly impressed with the tech behind OnLive – delivering rich graphical interfaces to users instantly from a wide spectrum of Windows applications and retaining state correctly between sessions. All wrapped up in an attractive experience.


Well yesterday OnLine Inc announced the release of its new solution to deliver a full hosted Windows desktop to iPad

“OnLive Desktop delivers a seamless Windows desktop experience, with instant-response multi-touch gestures, together with a full on-screen Windows keyboard and handwriting recognition, enabling complete and convenient viewing and editing of even the most complex documents. Rich media, such as video, animation, slide transitions and even PC games, never before practical via remote desktop delivery, run fluidly and dynamically with instant-action interactivity. OnLive Desktop makes remote feel local.”

We live in interesting times…

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