My top 3 improvements in Windows Azure from the December update

In December we announced many improvements to Windows Azure… a month on and I was reflecting upon which were my favourites and which had resonated best with our early adopters. There were a lot to choose from but I’ve narrowed it down to three in reverse order:

3. SQL Azure Database Size increased to 150GB

We tripled the maximum database size of SQL Azure from 50GB to 150GB for greater flexibility to meet growing storage needs. For a small but vocal number of companies I met, 50GB was perceived as “probably large enough but not definitely”. 150GB removes that concern. Related, we won’t be charging anything extra once you go over 50GB. That is correct … 150GB for the price of 50GB. Sweet.


  • We released SQL Azure Federations – elastic scalability

2. Improved Subscription Management, Real-Time Usage Visibility and better billing

This area has been clunky since day on. Our early adopters have welcomed new abilities to easily change rate plans without creating a new subscription, cancel unneeded subscriptions and view up to the minute usage and billing details directly from the Windows Azure Management Portal. We also will be moving to single day invoicing each month for customers with multiple subscriptions.

1. Windows Azure team gave Open Source a big hug

The Windows Azure team demonstrated just how much importance we are giving to making technologies other than .NET work great on Windows Azure. My favourite was the work around Node.js – yep, we now have a Windows Azure SDK for Node.js. This download includes Node.js libraries for Windows Azure blob, table, and queue storage for development and deployment of Node.js applications and we made the source code for Node.js client libraries available through GitHub. Check out the Windows Azure Node.js developer center.


  • .NET Windows Azure SDK on GitHub – alongside Java and Node.js.
  • Preview of Hadoop on Windows Azure
  • Updated Eclipse Windows Azure Plugin
  • Simplified using MongoDB on Windows Azure
  • Simplified using Solr/Lucene on Windows Azure
  • Simplified using Memcached on Windows Azure

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