Day 3 of Windows 8 training… JavaScript OMG :-)

I am just completing the final day of some rather good Windows 8 Metro App developer training. 90% of the time we have been using JavaScript.JavaScript has many “omg” moments when compared to trusty C#. Which is why it has been very handy to have Mike T sitting next to me. If you find yourself “without Mike” (as I will next week), then I would recommend you take a look at his series of OMG posts!

JavaScript OMG! #1 to #5 

  • Semi colons are optional
  • Type system
  • underflow/overflow/Divide by Zero
  • Regular Expressions are built in
  • Truth and Falsy – true unless one of undefined, null, 0, –0, Nan, “”

JavaScript OMG! #6 to #10

  • Global variables live on a global object
  • Expando objects
  • Wrappers
  • Type conversions
  • Object to primitive conversions

JavaScript OMG! #11 to #15

  • Variable Scope – no scope blocks, can use before declare
  • Bitwise operators – avoid
  • Equality and Strict Equality – === and !==
  • “use strict” – use it!
  • Magic of short-circuiting ANDs and Truthy/Falssy

JavaScript OMG!: #16 to #20

  • Optional Function Arguments
  • Nested Functions
  • Arrays vs Lists
  • Function Invocation Context and Strict Mode
  • Nested functions and Invocation Context

JavaScript OMG #21 to #25

  • Everything is a function
  • array.sort won’t sort numbers correctly
  • parseInt() needs help
  • Callbacks and scope
  • Function Literals create functions

JavaScript OMG #26 to #30

  • Partial Application and Mapping
  • Self Defining Functions
  • This or That
  • Events
  • And finally… “It’s just like everywhere”

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