Worldwide Partner Conference in July – I will be there, will you?

I’ve just had confirmation that I will be off to Toronto in July to spend a weak immersing myself in our latest musings to our fantastic partners on Windows 8, Windows Azure, Private Cloud and more… whilst also having the opportunity to meet and chat with UK partners who are attending – and in theory we all get to stay in the same hotel! Surprisingly this is my first time at WPC even though I am soon entering my 16th year and I am really looking forward to seeing so many partners in one venue – and seeing first hand which announcements, technologies and products excite them and which puzzle them.

If you are a UK software product author attending and are interested in Windows 8 and/or Windows Azure then lets connect up via

If you are a UK software product author and haven’t yet decided whether you should attend, then take a look at 10 Great Reasons to Attend WPC on the UK WPC Hub and… act soon as there is an early bird discount as well as the potential impact of the Olympics on flight prices to consider.


July 8th to July 12th

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