Installing Windows 8 Metro Applications without needing to download from the store

As a consumer you would use the Windows 8 Store to get an application onto Windows 8 Consumer Preview.


The store is a great way to discover, try, buy (optional) and update applications.

But… if you are an Enterprise looking to get Metro applications onto your employees Windows 8 desktops then you will likely want to do it more directly.

Which is where “sideloading” fits in.

Technet has detailed documentation on Windows 8 Sideloading to add and remove line-of-business (LOB) Metro style apps

In brief:

  • App must be cryptographically signed
  • App can only be installed on a computer that trusts the signing certificate
  • Group Policy must have the Allow all trusted applications to install setting.
  • Computer must be domain joined to run the app (not needed for install)

At which point installing an app is as simple as

add-appxpackage C:\app1.appx