Windows Forms meets Windows 8 Metro

Are you a Windows Forms developer looking to develop a touch enabled application?

Perhaps a touch enabled application that sports the latest Windows 8 Metro style of applications?

One choice would be to take forward your .NET skills and learn the new XAML presentation framework that comes with Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11. This would give you a great solution… but it would only work on Windows 8,. For many companies this is not a problem as they are targeting deployment through the App Store. However for some applications (LOB being a great example) the limitation is too restrictive and for others, learning a new presentation framework may not make sense right now after making a significant investment in Windows Forms.

There are alternatives and one I have recently come across is teleriks RadControls for Windows Forms which now includes a Metro theme.

Check out the video. Very nice.

P.S. In case you were wondering, Windows 8 Metro style applications have many other helpful features other than offering a great experience for touch. These include roaming support, lifecycle management, notifications, contracts and more.

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