Great (none Windows 8 Metro) example of “content before chrome”and “swipe with mouse”

One of the principles of Metro design style is "content before chrome". This is the idea that less is more and that only the most relevant elements should be on screen. In practice this means a lot of navigation/commands are not present until needed. On a tablet a swipe of the finger temporarily overlays the chrome onto the content. For example:



This week I was searching for a digital tv app to use on my Windows 8 laptop and came across I’ve been using it happily on and off in this default mode:

Chrome is winning:


Note there is plenty of chrome yet all I want to do 99% of the time is watch the tv stream and the navigation and play controls are simply “noise”.

Then yesterday I realised there was a TV Window mode which I was far happier with.

Content is winning:


But just now I realised the developers of progdvb have really done themselves proud. Long before Metro came up with swiping to reveal chrome, they did it with the mouse. If you “swipe the mouse” (a term i just made up!) across an edge, then the relevant chrome appears. Very, very nice.

From the right:


From the left:


From the top:


From the bottom:


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