Walkthrough on becoming a Windows Store developer if you are registering as a company

[Last updated 7th August]

My rough and incomplete walkthrough to registering as a company to publish applications to the  Windows Store.

Please check the official documentation for the latest information but this is handy for me and the companies I am working with.

Ultimately the route you will likely (but not always) want to take is:

Visit https://appdev.microsoft.com/StorePortals/EN-US/Account/signup/Start and click Register


Now create a new Microsoft account (if you are a company you definitely want to avoid using an existing personal account)


Use an email address you have previously created within your company for this purpose


Now you will get a verify email


Which once you verify should then allow you to select company type


After that it should all be pretty straight forward. You enter info about the developer who will be submitting the app

Note: We allow only one developer account per company. This developer will be the only one that can upload apps for the company


And the company approver (which must be a different email address)


And accept the terms and conditions


And proceed to payment



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