Windows Store Tips: Read the resolving certification errors BEFORE you start developing!

[Windows Store Tips]

My team has been heads down the last month helping UK companies get their applications published in the Windows Store. I think I now have a little time to start sharing some tips that should help other companies have a smooth experience getting their application into the Windows Store.

The first tip I would like to share is that you should take 30minutes to properly read (not skim!) the Resolving Certification Errors page on MSDN.

No, really, I mean it… read this before you submit. Actually read it before you start developing.

Why before you start developing? Well, some of the reasons an application fail come down to how the application was envisioned. A great example is:

2.4 The primary experiences your app provides must take place within the app

which has caught out a few apps during submission when clearly the issue was a flaw in the original design of the application which could have been identified long before a single line of C#  (or JavaScript, VB or C++) had been written.

But on a smaller scale how about this:

3.6 Your app must use the mechanisms provided by the system for those features that have them

Resolving certification errors calls out a great example that I have seen  – “The app uses a button, gesture, or other UI element to close the app.” That is a no no.

More tips to follow – and do share any you have!

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