The boss of my boss is… spot on


The enemy of my enemy is apparently my friend (I have little to prove that) and the boss of my boss is … Anand Krishnan. Intelligent, handsome, clever and … did I mention he is the boss of my boss 🙂

Anand was recently interviewed about Windows 8 on

Anand did a great job of explaining the opportunity Windows 8 presents to application developers. Highlights:

  • Market size
    • “Windows users worldwide …is north of 1.2bn”
    • “600m people are running Windows 7 – every one of those machines can run Windows 8 … for £24.99 ”
    • “This (the changes Windows 8 brings) creates the largest application marketplace opportunity to date in terms of addressable users, reach and monetization per application”
  • Developer Ecosystem
    • “We like to think it’s the most developer-friendly platform out there”
    • “You can be a C and C++ guy and have a home. Or HTML and JavaScript …” (and .NET for those reading carefully)
  • Monetization
    • “Most of the industry has a 70%/30% split, which is what we offer,” explains Krishnan. “But once you hit $25,000, this shifts to an 80%/20% split. With in-app purchasing, if you use your own back-end – which you’re allowed to do – you keep 100% of the proceeds.”

And …. if you are running Windows 8, why not install The Next Web for Windows 8.


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