101 WinRT Controls and Frameworks

Last updated 24th October 2012.

Ok, not quite 101 but I’m sure we will get there 🙂 If I have missed something, please share with a comment. Enjoy!

UX Frameworks – commercial

UX Frameworks – open source




  • http://winrtdatabase.codeplex.com/ but this has not been updated for Windows8 RTM – and therefore would act as a starting point
  • Also check out Windows Azure Mobile Services for a cloud database geared towards mobile apps.

Windows Azure Mobile Services

Currently in Preview.

Store data, authenticate (Microsoft accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google) and authorize users, send email/sms and push notifications to devices using Windows Azure Mobile Services

Bing Maps for Windows Store Apps

Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8

  • · Win 8 RTM Compatible Ad SDK download
  • · Win 8 RTM Compatible Ad SDK MSDN Documentation
  • · Microsoft Advertising for Windows 8 Website for blog posts, FAQs, support and more

Analytics for WinRT

Omniture has a WinRT SDK today in beta: https://developer.omniture.com/en_US/content_module/mobile

Video Player for Windows 8

Currently Preview 6 (22/9/2012)

Play Ready SDK for Windows 8

Audio and Video content protection for streaming and progressive download


7 thoughts on “101 WinRT Controls and Frameworks

  1. Could you please include the Visiblox charting component in the above list. We currently have a beta version of component out, and will have a full release coming very shortly.


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