Windows Phone 8.0 SDK is here … now where do I start?

I have previously spent all of …hmmm… maybe 3 hours developing for Windows Phone. The result was BMI Stones and Pounds which to my surprise has had nearly 1000 downloads.

From next week I switch from “Windows 8 Evangelist” to “Windows 8 and (a little) Windows Phone 8 Evangelist”. Which is awesome as Windows Phone 8 devices look amazing to me (Had a chance this week to try out Nokia, Samsung and HTC devices) and the skills I have been learning on Windows 8 should transition over nicely. However I have a lot to absorb over the upcoming weeks.

I think my path will be roughly this… (in-between the day job of helping companies build Windows 8 applications)

Install the Windows Phone 8 SDK – DONE

I particularly like the new emulator.


Check out the what’s new section of the documentation – In progress. There is a lot of new stuff!

Set aside some time to watch the best of Build 2012 on Windows Phone – In progress. I’ve started with the Application Model by an old ex-Microsoft UK colleague, Andrew Clinick.

Then I’ll have a go at “porting” BMI Stones and Pounds from its humble 7.0 Silverlight code base to a WinRT 8.0 app with a couple of new features like Fast Application Switching and Tiles. Simple stuff… but will start to give me a feel.

Thankfully we do have Phone experts in the team i can call on in the meantime!


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