Installing an application on Windows RT for testing is simple pimple

There appears to be a small myth that getting a Windows 8 store app on a Windows RT device  during development is complicated. I think this stems from a) some of the (quite complex) blogosphere posts on Windows RT and sideloading for Enterprise and b) the expectation that some form of remote deployment/debugging will be required.

However, if all you want to do is install and run it then it really is very simple.

In Visual Studio, use the Store menu to create a package.



At which point Any CPU is normally fine – unless you are using a C/C++ component in which case you will want to generate a ARM package.


Now navigate to the directory


And copy the entire sub folder onto a USB stick. The appxupload is NOT what you want.


Place the USB stick into your Windows RT device and open the folder to reveal the contents.

Right click on the .ps1 file and “Run with PowerShell”


You will then get a series of prompts – agree to them all 🙂




Note: If it is the first ever time you have done this on the device you will also be prompted to get a developer license (free).

And when complete the application will be on your Start screen – far right, unless you previously installed it.


4 thoughts on “Installing an application on Windows RT for testing is simple pimple

  1. This might seem simple to a dev, but a multistep process involving reading and typing in some text in a console window is something that makes many regular people scared. It certainly is not a straightforward process and my experience sharing packages with clients for previewing is pretty painful in most cases, but sometimes involves handholding over the phone and can still result in some roadblocks.

  2. my windows surface (RT) doesn’t offer right-click “open with” – choice is “open” or nothing. So the ps1 file opens with a text editor. Searching for direct for the powershell program gives me 2 exe options. Tried them both, but neither has an ‘open’ command on a menu. I tried copy-paste from the text file – something happened – ie some commands were executed without errors, but did not get the prompts shown above. I went to control panel to see if I could edit default file ‘open with’ for ps1 files, but of course Powershell is not listed…
    ..not so simple yet, though I understand the principles…

    • Ok.. add one extra “simple step”: Unzip your files properly – i.e. right-click and choose extract, unpack or unzip, and choose a destination. Just clicking through to the files in the zip package does not give you access to the full range of right-click options. thanks Eric for your otherwise clear tutorial.

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