Lest I forget… Wipe a database but retain schema

  1. EXEC sp_msforeachtable”ALTER TABLE ? NOCHECK CONSTRAINT all”
  2. EXEC sp_MSForEachTable”DELETE FROM ?”
  4. EXEC sp_MSforeachtable”DBCC CHECKIDENT ( ‘?’, RESEED, 0)”

The interesting things are:

  • There’s a clever ‘loop through all the tables’ stored proc
  • Line 1: You need to disable constraints (e.g. Foreign Keys etc) before you delete the data or they won’t let you delete stuff
  • Line 2: Then delete all the data from each table. You could probably use TRUNCATE which would be faster but wouldn’t give you the chance to not step 4 as it’ll reset the IDENTITYs automatically
  • Line 3: You need to turn the constraints back on again
  • Line 4: You can then reset all the IDENTITYs back to zero with the last statement

But worth also taking a look at the discussion on Stack Overflow about this approach and alternatives.

[I’m really just testing word publishing of posts – tbh, bit of a fail]

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