Merry Christmas 2014

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2015


I will be back blogging in 2015 … on the wonderful world of embedded software development using C and C#. Yep I changed company in September and joined to “retrain” into an embedded software engineer doing cool stuff for submarines. It has been huge fun… but I have been heads down on work and let this blog gather some dust.

Check out my “side project”  – an STM32-discovery board powering the Xmas lights 🙂


Tip – Install Windows Live Writer 2012 on Windows 8.1 using full offline install

On and off I have tried to get Live Writer (part of Windows Essentials 2012) to install on this PC – with no success. Disabling firewalls, anti-virus, resetting browser settings, running in compatibility mode all failed. The error did move around a little but the core error was “WaitForCatalog”.

Today I found a path that worked…. yippeee!

Visit to download an offline installer.

Choose English NOT British English (British English appeared to once again try and contact the internet and fail part way through the install)

Run the download.



What better way to spend Christmas Eve than… getting your pc ready for the next project

Visual Studio 2013… installed
NDepend 5 … installed
Balsamiq 2 …installed

Next up ReSharper 9. However I have chosen to go for superbly priced ReSharper Ultimate which gives you oodles of tools for .NET and the promise of ReSharper for C++ in the future.

And comes with a rather nifty new installer… which hopefully is going to leave my environment working for Visual Studio 2008 for some Windows CE projects we are advancing in 2015…