Note to self… unlocks in BF4 single player campaign (spoiler)

Just a little reminder to myself… as I’m playing this through again on PS4…

Unlock QBZ-95-1 (Multiplayer): Sacrifice the Valkyrie
Unlock P90 (Multiplayer): Sacrifice Hannah
Unlock M249 (Multiplayer): Sacrifice Irish

Think I will go straight for M249 which I rather enjoyed on PC.

2014 …when PlayStation 4 meets PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2 on PC is amazing as a solo player and epic in a great squad … but you need a very good PC as the battles are huge (Think Battlefield 64 and then double it and then double it again and then …)

Or… you need a PlayStation 4.

It is a free genuine AAA game, which is not pay to win.

Reason #1 why not to buy an Xbox One…

(This is really just a test of Live Writer)