My very own sock rabbit

Imagine the surprise when I opened my birthday presents today to find this creation from my 17 year old. Seriously….imagine it 🙂

Currently looking for a suitable name 🙂

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Hello! Welcome to, the new home of IUpdateable from Eric Nelson

You quite likely just arrived here because I today (August 26th 2011) updated my feedburner feed to point to this new blog. Apologies  for any “problems” this might have caused you in your favoured RSS reader. All should now settle down nicely.

But just in case … please make sure you are subscribing to OR (if you dislike feedburner) then direct to 

As background:

I have moved here after a superb 30 months on . GeeksWithBlogs is great but it doesn’t quite match what I am after in a blogging platform right now where as broadly does.

This will be my second change of platform in 7 years – it was back in July 2004 I created my first technology blog over on (which still acts as a mirror if you need to dig out any of my old posts). At the time I was an Application Architect inside Microsoft UK, I was very focused on early adoption work with SQL Server 2005 and I was looking for a broader way to help developers in the UK. A blog seemed to be a great way of doing this and I used it to share my learnings, thoughts, advice, best finds etc. throughout the beta of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. By 2009 I was following some great bloggers on who spoke highly of it and I decided to request a blog on the site to tie up with a job change inside Microsoft UK. IUpdateable was born. 

Over the next few days I will bring across the best of my posts from the last year or so (Hence expect a lot of posts!) and then once that is done, I will mothball IUpdateable.

Thanks for reading.


Welcome to my new blog as of August 2011

August 2011 and time for a new blogging platform … and the winner is … WordPress.

The plan is to consolidate all my work, personal and gaming blogs into one place – whilst also getting access to the community and great add-ons for wordpress.

Now… just need to move across the best recent posts and change “everywhere” to point at this 🙂

P.S. Hello everyone.