Tip – Install Windows Live Writer 2012 on Windows 8.1 using full offline install

On and off I have tried to get Live Writer (part of Windows Essentials 2012) to install on this PC – with no success. Disabling firewalls, anti-virus, resetting browser settings, running in compatibility mode all failed. The error did move around a little but the core error was “WaitForCatalog”.

Today I found a path that worked…. yippeee!

Visit http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/essentials-install-offline-faq to download an offline installer.

Choose English NOT British English (British English appeared to once again try and contact the internet and fail part way through the install)

Run the download.



Live streaming 13th and 14th Dec – Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers

During the last 6 months I have been working with  iOS developers building the first wave of Windows 8 applications for the Windows Store. Pretty much all of them have told me that they enjoyed making the transition to XAML/C#/.NET and Visual Studio 2012.

I have previously posted Resources for iOS developers but today and tomorrow there is something special going on.  The Big Nerd Ranch and Microsoft have joined together to deliver two days of training designed to jumpstart your Windows Store app development.

It will be streamed on Channel 9 and The Verge from 4pm UK time.

Don’t miss it.

Merry Christmas all Windows 8 Developers and Designers from….Telerik AppMock

Those very nice people at Telerik have impressed me once again – so much so that it feels similar to the moment I woke up on Christmas day to find a TCR racing set under the tree (what an awesome thing that was).

Introducing … AppMock from Telerik

The blurb states “AppMock allows you to quickly and easily create prototypes of your Windows Store applications”

In reality “AppMock allows you to quickly and easily create prototypes of your Windows Store applications”



Install today!

Windows Store Tips: Create great promo images LONG BEFORE you submit

[Windows Store Tips]

When you submit to the store you get an opportunity to add promo images to your submission. It is tempting to skip over these as a) they are optional and b) they are in odd sizes! However promo images are what the store team need if they are to spotlight your application.


Fill them in to have a chance of appearing here…(as done nicely by the UK developers of Cocktail Flow)



Windows Store Tips: Read the pre-submission checks by Pete Brown and set that logo/store color!

[Windows Store Tips]

Pete has a great check list to do before submission. It includes store colors and logo which have been so often missed – but not by you 🙂 Nigel Sampson has also done a nice post about Logo background color.

The logo background color not only affects the logo (I know… naming is everything) but also (and arguably more importantly) the background color in your Store listing.

e.g. Netflix got it right:



Windows Phone and Windows 8 positive stories – Blackberry replaced by Lumia

Three positive stories.

The final story refers to my daughter. It has been “regrettable” that both my son and daughter have been using Blackberry phones for the last two years and worse still, I have been paying for the contracts!

Well, out of the blue my daughter reported that whilst at University she has chosen to get herself a new Lumia 610 on her own phone contract. Wow! Clearly the biggest news story of the three by far!

Now… as I will be leaving Microsoft Dec 31st, I wonder if I can grab her old Blackberry. Just kidding 🙂

Slides and links from Windows 8 Round Table 29th Nov 2012

If you attended the event yesterday in London then firstly, thank you for coming and secondly, you can find the slides we used attached to this post or via this direct link.

The tips I listed in my part of the day can be found at Windows Store Tips.

And finally, my group is very active in helping developers and designers skill up for Windows 8. Check out the resources (including in-person free training) at http://www.windows-store.co.uk/training

Round Table 29th Nov 2012 novideo

Windows Store Tips:Follow the company developer account guidelines

[Windows Store Tips]

When you create a developer account on the Windows 8 store you can either create a company account or an individual account. I have seen several companies get into a “bit of a pickle” with store company accounts.

We now have some detailed guidelines which will help avoid problems later on, including:

  • Create your Microsoft account using an email address that belongs to your company’s domain, but not to a single individual—for example, windowsapps@fabrikam.com.
  • Add a company phone number that does not require an extension, or an additional email distribution list as a proof.
  • Limit access to your company’s Windows Store Dashboard to the smallest number of developers as possible.
  • In general, use trusted PCs as your security proof. All key team members must have access to these trusted PCs.
  • If you need to allow access to the Windows Store Dashboard from a non-trusted PC, limit that access to a maximum of 5 developers. These developers should access the Windows Store Dashboard from machines that share the same geographical and network location.
  • Frequently manage your proofs to keep them current.