FREE Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure e-book (Jan 2014)

Not the one I did back in 2010 (which is now horribly out of date!), rather a shiny new one which walks you through a patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions. It covers the development process as well as architecture and coding practices.

Download the E-book (PDF) and optionally the companion Fix It Project

The content is based on a presentation developed by (the awesome) Scott Guthrie

  • Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) in June of 2013 (part 1, part 2)
  • and at Microsoft Tech Ed Australia in September, 2013 (part 1, part 2)


Fix to blank LightSwitch app bug with Visual Studio 2012

I needed to populate a database I’m designing with some test data and thought to myself “LightSwitch will be ideal to knock out some screens”.

One hour later I got a LightSwitch screen to actually display! Until then all I got when running it in Desktop mode (the default) was a blank window hosting Silverlight (right click to verify)

After lots of searching and playing around I found the answer near the end of this very long thread

  1. Navigate to the Client.Properties folder inside your project
  2. Open OutofBrowserSettings.xml
  3. Change <SecuritySettings ElevatedPermissions=”Required” /> to <SecuritySettings ElevatedPermissions=”NotRequired” />
  4. And you may also want to then make the file readonly

 Now, when this happens again I will be able to find my own post to resolve it! Enjoy!

P.S. This isn’t specific to Visual Studio 2012 … but the post title corresponds to how I was searching 🙂

Blend for Visual Studio 2012 nice touch #1

[Really I’m just testing out twitterfeed which has failed for me… but I needed something to post on :-)]

I’m just skimming through some blend tips by Mike from 2010 and  spotted a nice touch in Blend for Visual Studio 2012 I hadn’t noticed before (amongst no doubt hundreds of improvements :-))

When working with grids and rows (or columns) you now get a lovely visual indicator with in place editing, rather than needing to visit properties.

circa 2010 (from this post)


circa 2013

image image

So long, and thanks for all the fish

After 16 great years with Microsoft, Friday 21st is my last working day. I am spending it in our new home in the chilly North York Moors with the company of sheep, rabbits, grouse and a rather fine bottle of Yamazaki Whisky bought by my friends in Microsoft DPE.  The Whisky apparently has the subtle taste of peach, cookie and vanilla – which should be easy to identify when I consume it as a chaser to the cider with a sherry top also bought for me 🙂

A massive thank you to everyone who made those 16 years so much fun. I will miss so many of you. The good news is I will be keeping this blog going … hence I won’t really have gone far 🙂

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fun 2013

…which is certainly my plan.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Live streaming 13th and 14th Dec – Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers

During the last 6 months I have been working with  iOS developers building the first wave of Windows 8 applications for the Windows Store. Pretty much all of them have told me that they enjoyed making the transition to XAML/C#/.NET and Visual Studio 2012.

I have previously posted Resources for iOS developers but today and tomorrow there is something special going on.  The Big Nerd Ranch and Microsoft have joined together to deliver two days of training designed to jumpstart your Windows Store app development.

It will be streamed on Channel 9 and The Verge from 4pm UK time.

Don’t miss it.

Merry Christmas all Windows 8 Developers and Designers from….Telerik AppMock

Those very nice people at Telerik have impressed me once again – so much so that it feels similar to the moment I woke up on Christmas day to find a TCR racing set under the tree (what an awesome thing that was).

Introducing … AppMock from Telerik

The blurb states “AppMock allows you to quickly and easily create prototypes of your Windows Store applications”

In reality “AppMock allows you to quickly and easily create prototypes of your Windows Store applications”



Install today!

Windows Store Tips: Create great promo images LONG BEFORE you submit

[Windows Store Tips]

When you submit to the store you get an opportunity to add promo images to your submission. It is tempting to skip over these as a) they are optional and b) they are in odd sizes! However promo images are what the store team need if they are to spotlight your application.


Fill them in to have a chance of appearing here…(as done nicely by the UK developers of Cocktail Flow)



Windows Store Tips: Read the pre-submission checks by Pete Brown and set that logo/store color!

[Windows Store Tips]

Pete has a great check list to do before submission. It includes store colors and logo which have been so often missed – but not by you 🙂 Nigel Sampson has also done a nice post about Logo background color.

The logo background color not only affects the logo (I know… naming is everything) but also (and arguably more importantly) the background color in your Store listing.

e.g. Netflix got it right: