Eric Nelson, Senior Solutions Architect AWS EMEA (Ex-Microsoft UK Architect Evangelist)

Eric working hard

Eric working hard


Welcome to IUpdateable, the primary blog of Eric Nelson, a solutions architect, software engineer, father, husband and FPS gamer.

I currently work in Amazon Web Service EMEA as a Senior Solutions Architect. All opinions are my own.

And from my past:

9 thoughts on “Eric Nelson, Senior Solutions Architect AWS EMEA (Ex-Microsoft UK Architect Evangelist)

  1. Dear Eric,
    My name is Ashwin Raghavan and I am currently pursuing my Master of Business Administration in Glasgow School or Business and Society. I would be happy to know if you support expertise requests for academic researches. If so can you kindly let me know on how to approach you. Since it is an academic research, the confidentiality levels are very high and not revealed at any cost.

      • Dear Eric,

        Thank you for your interest. I am keen to respect your time lines and happy to hear your views on some close specifics of Cloud Computing and SMEs. The research is related to evaluating the impact of Cloud Computing on SMEs Information Systems (IS)/Information Technology (IT) competitiveness in UK. If you are comfortable in just adding some brief answers then I will have no trouble in sending a word document with just 4 questions. Alternatively I am also fine with contacting you directly for a discussion with the same questions. Please let me know your preference by kindly posting me an email at I am glad to act based on your suggestions.

        Ashwin Raghavan

    • Sorry Matt for not spotting your unapproved comment for so long. Unfortunately I’m not involved in MPR these days. I assume this is now resolved … reply again if it is not.

  2. Hi, Eric

    Did you have an updated copy of your eBook “The Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches”?


    • Hi Daniel – sorry no. Been looking at other stuff. I believe the UK Windows Azure UG have a similar book in the works. Ill see what the latest is.

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