This is why I love Battlefield 3 :-)

Update – they removed the video Sad smile. So here is a Xmas replacement

Merry Xmas from BF3

P.S. The original had a sniper on top of a construction crane. A jet flies towards the crane and the sniper takes out the pilot. The plane gently glides into the crane… only for the sniper to take over as pilot. Sweet.


Benchmarking done well – BF3 GPU performance from Nvidia

Hats off to Nvidia for doing a superb job with documenting GPU perf for Battlefield 3 – this is a great example of making it simple for users to understand the likely performance they will see and to make informed buying choices.

And I can confirm this is pretty much spot on with what I’m getting.


Battlefield 3 pre-orders…

My favourite online fps series of all time is Battlefield (my favourite game of all time is Planetside – but I digress).

I’m currently playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 (mainly on PC – as erknel) whilst counting down the days to the release of Battelfield 3. I’m also keeping a watching eye on how well the pre-orders are going vs Modern Warfare 3 as having been fortunate enough to be on the BF3 alpha, BF3 deserves the commercial success that would come with toppling MW3.

Pre-orders on PC are tricky to find (with lots of digital ordering) – but its pretty easy to track for consoles, especially for America.

Which leads me to this from

  • On Xbox, MW3 is clearly winning – but a lot of Xbox users are spending their cash on the excellent Xbox exclusive Gears of War 3. With that in mind I think BF3 is doing great – post GOW3 it will be interesting to see how the the weekly change compares between the two games.
  • On PS3, BF3 now has a significantly higher weekly change than MW3 – 4000 more!

Sweet. Roll on October…