Battlefield 3 pre-orders…

My favourite online fps series of all time is Battlefield (my favourite game of all time is Planetside – but I digress).

I’m currently playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 (mainly on PC – as erknel) whilst counting down the days to the release of Battelfield 3. I’m also keeping a watching eye on how well the pre-orders are going vs Modern Warfare 3 as having been fortunate enough to be on the BF3 alpha, BF3 deserves the commercial success that would come with toppling MW3.

Pre-orders on PC are tricky to find (with lots of digital ordering) – but its pretty easy to track for consoles, especially for America.

Which leads me to this from

  • On Xbox, MW3 is clearly winning – but a lot of Xbox users are spending their cash on the excellent Xbox exclusive Gears of War 3. With that in mind I think BF3 is doing great – post GOW3 it will be interesting to see how the the weekly change compares between the two games.
  • On PS3, BF3 now has a significantly higher weekly change than MW3 – 4000 more!

Sweet. Roll on October…