Blend for Visual Studio 2012 nice touch #2

Following on from nice touch #1

I disliked the way old versions of Blend relied on something as a subtle as a few pixels of colour to tell you something relatively important.

Circa 2010


Circa 2013


although admittedly this doesn’t appear to be universal across all properties.

Thank you.

Blend for Visual Studio 2012 nice touch #1

[Really I’m just testing out twitterfeed which has failed for me… but I needed something to post on :-)]

I’m just skimming through some blend tips by Mike from 2010 and  spotted a nice touch in Blend for Visual Studio 2012 I hadn’t noticed before (amongst no doubt hundreds of improvements :-))

When working with grids and rows (or columns) you now get a lovely visual indicator with in place editing, rather than needing to visit properties.

circa 2010 (from this post)


circa 2013

image image